Our team have spent many years travelling and doing business with the security, defence and diplomatic services of the UK and Australian governments as well as subsequent decades travelling in support of a variety of commercial and not-for-profit enterprises. They have travelled to, and done business in places as fragile and unstable as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan. But they have also done business in places which require careful planning and constant vigilance.

Places such as Pakistan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Bangladesh. All these environments have honed their travel safety experience but the skills and awareness are just as relevant to business travel in North America, Japan and Europe which might be considered more benign, but which can also pose a challenge to your safety.

The experience of the team underpins the practical nature of the training courses being offered. A summary of the courses is outlined below.

Brand Protection

Course EST223

Using our network of affiliates and contacts we organize and hold training events for key stake holders and law enforcement to promote our client’s anti counterfeit programs. This could include an overview of counterfeit and grey market supply chains and product identifiers, to support Customs and registered trademarks and patents.

ESG Training has addressed brand protection issues in the automotive, luxury goods, apparel, agricultural sciences, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries. Our specialty focus lies in the pharmaceutical industry and we have run training courses across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

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Travel Awareness – The Professional Business Woman

Course EST257

Building on Course EST270, this half day course focuses on issues which are specific to the Professional Business woman travelling alone.

It looks at planning and preparation and considers a range of steps the Professional Business woman can take to address awkward and unfamiliar cultures and threatening environments.

As in all our courses the aim is to enable the Professional Business woman to conduct business without the distraction and worry of the environment or culture of the destination.

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Travel Awareness

Course EST270

A half day awareness training course that includes a hands on approach to help you understand, and work within the environment.
Thoroughly practical and designed for travelers going to any destination, designed to take the worry out of travelling and maintain the focus on the business at hand.

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Travel Awareness – Executive Planning

Course EST243

The travel of many business executives is planned and organized by their administrative staff. This half day course is designed to give these staff the tools they need to plan and deliver an itinerary that provides peace of mind and allows the business executive to focus on the business.

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