The theft of Intellectual Property is a major crime and represents a significant threat to all industries.

With over 55.7 Million U.S. jobs Directly & Supported by IP-intensive Industries the social impact is often overlooked (Dr. Nam D. Pham, IP Creates Jobs for America (2013)).

Counterfeiting by number

  • $1.77 trillion projected value of counterfeit and pirated goods by 2015 (INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)
  • $200 billion counterfeit pharmaceutical industry (WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANIZATION)
  • 2.5 million Jobs lost due to counterfeiting and piracy (INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)
  • 75% of counterfeits originate from the Far East (WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANIZATION)
  • 2% of all world trade is counterfeit (WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANIZATION)

ESG’s work against counterfeit products ranges from on the ground investigation through to training in anti-counterfeit measures. The company has carried out work in a wide range of industries including automotive, luxury goods, apparel, and pharmaceutical. Its specialization in anti-counterfeit medicine investigations means it is able to provide a practical, hands-on training package for those involved in this industry.

ESG’s approach is to engage in a continuous education program which comprises an initial briefing of the problem, followed by ongoing updates of the counter-measures that are put in place to combat any illegal trade.

ESG Training has been providing hands on training to law enforcement, border protection and health and other government officials for more than a decade in jurisdictions across Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. It is an education program that is hands-on and focused on front line operations staff who need to know the latest in anti-counterfeit measures.

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