With so much travel planning placed in the hands of executive assistants and others who are not required to actually travel, many safety and security issues can be easily overlooked. This course provides any travel organizer with the tools to help plan and prepare for travel to any destination.

We help you think beyond the simple matters of ticketing, car and hotel bookings and insurance. What should be considered at the trade show or exhibition your company staff are attending? Where are staff accommodated? Are budget considerations outweighing safety considerations? How is personal as well as company sensitive data being kept safe? We take the principles covered in the general training course (Course EST270) and provide you with a toolset you can use supporting your corporate travelers.

  • Emergency procedures
  • Emergency contacts
  • Accommodation – best practice safety
  • Travel – car/taxi/public
  • Credit cards
  • Phone security
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Dining
  • Common fraud and extortion tactics
  • Airport arrival and departure security