Your duty of care to your staff is one of your highest priorities. That’s why, when you ask them to travel and represent the company you take extra care to ensure they are well prepared for the journey. You make sure they are insured against material loss and that their health cover is intact. But those measures are designed to manage a situation ‘after the event’.

A valuable, constructive and pre-emptive step is to provide your staff with an awareness of the situation into which they are travelling, of the potential safety and security issues they are likely to confront and the means to seek help if their safety or security is compromised.
ESG provides you and your staff that travel awareness training. Our trainers have spent decades travelling and doing business in some of the most fragile and unstable states in the world and are familiar with many of the issues your staff are likely to confront.

Our hands on, travel awareness training covers:

  • Traveler vulnerability
  • Survival strategies
  • Health
  • Common criminal traits (and considers the statistical basis for many crimes targeting travelers),
  • Planning
  • Dealing with strangers
  • Accommodation security
  • Thorough preparation
  • Statistics of travel safety
  • Common causes of travel incidents
  • Likelihood of criminal targeting and
  • Terrorism